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the projectLIFETAN aims at demonstrating the use of  innovative natural products and technologies for the bating, defatting, fatting, dyeing and tanning phases of the whole leather tanning process, on the basis of the integration of the successful  results of previous LIFE projects (BioNaD, ECODEFATTING, PODEBA, ECOFATTING e OXATAN). 

The main environmental, social and economical goal of LIFETAN project is the replacement of current commercial chemical and toxic products with natural products in the whole tanning cycle, in order to establish a significantly eco-sustainable and convenient business for companies. Production of high quality leather products, traditional or new, perfectly workable.


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Official video of Lifetan Project


LIFETAN project of the month
logoThe Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea of Italy selected the LIFETAN project as "The project of the month” in February 2018, to promote the transferability of the results obtained and the implementation of the tested solution.

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The journalist of Radio24 Maurizio Melis interviewed the project coordinator Alice Dall’Ara, researcher of ENEA, about the tannery process innovations reached with PODEBA project and about the forthcoming results of the in progress LIFETAN projects; both projects are co-funded by EU.

Listen the interview (available only in Italian) immagine di scorrimento



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